Sunday, 8 November 2009

Update on More Recent Messages from the Man who Created Sherlock Holmes

I have met Roger Straughan on numerous occasions now because of our interests in Arthur Conan Doyle. Roger periodocally updates me on the messages he receives in connection with Undershaw and more recently has informed me that he tried for a message specifically for the Undershaw campaign a couple of days ago. He said: What did I read? 'Long may it be before we lose the fighting blood which has come to us of old!' (Through the Magic Door, p.97). Words of encouragement for your efforts, I felt!

Roger went on to say: After a disappointing evening at the College of Psychic Studies on the 9 September 2009 this message of encouragement was received from ACD. We were not alone in our opinion of the evening, you'll be pleased to hear! On getting back home, I couldn't resist seeking a comment from the man himself. In a book I've hardly ever used before, I immediately read: 'There was a good deal of disappointment about it one way and another. It was felt that he was not acting up to his role. It was a waste of opportunity.' (A Mixed Grill, p154).

And more to come! Just before recording this, I asked if there were any further words of encouragement for you regarding Undershaw. I then read: 'We build from below, brick upon brick. There is the building which will last.' (The Wanderings of a Spiritualist, p.162). Interesting - sounds like some rebuilding is envisaged!

It would appear that Sir Arthur is taking a keen interest in the current situation regarding Undershaw. Let us hope that he will approve of the outcome, whatever the 'vista of unknown country' turns out to be!

Roger Straughan

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