Friday, 6 November 2009

The Undershaw Preservation Trust

Check out the Undershaw Preservation Trust

The Undershaw Preservation Trust has been set up by Mr John Gibson FRICS, Conan Doyle enthusiast and expert. He has appointed Sue Meadows and myself as Trustees. The Trust has been registered as a Museum/Cafeteria with the authorities. Should you wish to contact John to learn more about his ideas for Undershaw and his feeling towards the development plans, you can contact him on 01372 453147. John is very passionate about saving the building and has called himself 'The Guardian Angel of Undershaw'. When you talk with John you will soon learn what an expert he is on this great man and indeed of Undershaw.

If you would like to pledge a donation to the Trust please send your details, name, address, e-mail address and telephone number to: At this stage it is only a pledge. No money will exchange hands. We will contact you should our plans for Undershaw become viable. To make our plans viable it will be down to how much support we actually receive in the way of donation pledges. This I believe is our last ditched attempt at raising awareness and rallying support. Help me make history and lets save Undershaw together. Together we can achieve anything, together we can achieve this dream for enthusiasts everywhere. Let Hindhead keep a landmark that has been with us since 1897.

John Gibson, FRICS conducting a showround at Undershaw at the end of August when we opened it to the public to raise awareness. Two of the photo's were taken on the terrace and the third was taken in one of the top floor bedrooms where it is apparent that water has poured in through the roof causing intensive damage.

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