Saturday, 21 November 2009

Dr Watson may yet save Undershaw

In response to Mr Gibson's letter in last week's Haslemere Herald the following letter was printed in this weeks copy, sent by a reader in Selborne:

"What a pleasant surprise it was to see the letter from John H Watson, MD, 221B Baker Street, London, W1, in the letters page of the November 13 edition of the Haslemere Herald.

Dr Watson spoke up most eloquently for Mr Sherlock Holmes, who was too absorbed in attending to the health of his bee colonies at that time to notice the decision of the National Trust and the caretakers of his country retreat, to make Undershaw available to anyone at all for monetary profit, while announcing, on a distant display board, that he is its rightful, as you might say, incumbent!

This arrangement seems totally ludicrous to any discerning person and I fervently hope that Dr Watson will be able to convince Mr Holmes of the urgency of the situation and encourage him to take steps to protect his assests before this dreadful calumny can be perpetrated.

With regards from a concerned member of the public and follower of the marvellous exploits of Mr Sherlock Holmes".

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