Wednesday, 25 November 2009

No Light at the end of the Tunnel

Not a good day today. Spoke with Helen from Balfour Beatty yesterday and although they are very willing to help, it was plainly clear that they are unable to make an injection of funds or indeed be our sponsors. All the same I am very grateful to them for at least responding to my letter that I wrote to Ian Tyler their Chief Executive. Helen will be in further contact with me over the next couple of days but does not hold out much hope of being any help.

Balfour Beatty are the major construction company for the tunnel being built at Hindhead. The incredible work that has gone into this massive project will no doubt go down in the history books as being truly remarkable. The viewing platform just yards from Undershaw provides the most breathtaking views of the work that has and is being carried out. Whilst there's light at the end of the tunnel for this project, we need to work harder towards seeing the light for Undershaw!

As a consequence of this, I am feeling quite despondent today as the campaign to save Undershaw now moves into almost a year and still we are no further forward. We have made people more aware of our cause, that I am sure, and it maybe plainly obvious that the public are now fed up with listening to my constant support for Conan Doyle and Undershaw. There will come a time when I will have to begrudgenly give up the fight and allow the developers to commit this terrible crime to Undershaw unless I receive your help and your responses.

I have had four pledges now of £25.00 - this will hardly save Undershaw. This doesn't mean that I am not grateful, of course I am more than grateful to those people that have pledged and contributed in some way and of course those that are following this blog. They have been a terrific boost but we cannot rely on these people alone.

I understood that there are many enthusiasts out there that would like to see us save the building, but according to the response that I have had to this blog and the campaign in general it appears that nobody really cares. The Trust will not survive on its funds alone as we would have to purchase, restore and preserve. Over 300 people have signed the on-line petition (incidently I have over 1000 signatures with another petition that I have been running) and not one has made a pledge or has come forward offering their help. I have sent e-mails to some of these with the details of my blog and sadly there has been no response. One must feel they are silently telling me something. We urgently need your help if Undershaw is to survive the New Year.

If this is the response we are having now, what sort of interest would we have if we did save Undershaw? It really dosn't look very promising does it! Tomorrow is another day and it could be a brighter one.

If the Trust is going to be successful and Undershaw saved we need your help NOW! Please respond and make the impossible possible.

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