Thursday, 19 November 2009

Undershaw Preservation Trust - Our Special Thanks

Our special thanks to the 3 supporters that have pledged £25.00 each to save Undershaw. We will be in touch with you once we see what other pledges are offered and whether there is support out there for the Trust. Please remember it is only a PLEDGE at this stage, money does not exchange hands - you have nothing to lose by making a pledge. If every enthusiast for Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes pledged £25.00 each it would give us the ammunition that is required to purchase the building and give the supporters of Undershaw what they want - a museum housing a coffee and gift shop with a possible conference area an historical monument in tribute to one of the greatest men that has ever lived.

Please don't let this happen, only you can prevent this - the property shown here is Expedier House which is not a listed building but just yards from Undershaw. It was once the home of the British Car Auctions and is now being re-developed for affordable housing. The Undershaw Preservation Trust will help to save Undershaw - please help us to make this possible.

We do have some funds in the Trust which John Gibson has contributed, unfortunately not enough to realise our dream - our dream is to enable enthusiasts worldwide to be able to meet up at this landmark of outstanding beauty, cloaked in so much history, share cream teas on the terrace, chat about days gone by and walk where Sir Arthur himself once walked whilst marvelling the beauty of its surroundings. You have got to see the landscape for yourselves to believe the pure beauty of the area. This is a very sacred place to us all, please do not allow this house to be split up and transformed into apartments - do something now! This final picture is the view from the terrace of Undershaw - lets all meet up there one day and toast the work of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

To make a pledge check out the information contained in the section 'The Undershaw Preservation Trust'. If you want to know more details of what you can do to help save Undershaw than e-mail me at

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