Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our Apologies

My main reason for writing this post, is that I have been rather lapse of late in keeping you all up to date with my blog. I apologise for this and hope that you're all still following our efforts with keen interest.

The blog is an all too important record for the Undershaw Preservation Trust in that dates and happenings are all included here - a kind of diary for us.

Well, what have I done today? I am actually on holiday, but have decided to spend a little of that holiday dedicated to Undershaw. I have been in contact with the National Trust to ascertain as to what degree they support the campaign. I would like to see a meeting organised to include the NT and have put this to them in a telephone message.

I have also contacted Grayshott Archives to ask permission to include several of their old photo's of the Hindhead area on our website. The picture above is taken from the Petersfield Post (courtesy of Grayshott Archives) showing the Hindhead Crossroads. Undershaw was not built until 1897 and would have been situated behind the trees on the right.