Saturday, 23 July 2011

Meeting with Hindhead Councillor Christiaan Hesse

The first of many meetings with our local new councillor Christiaan Hesse was held yesterday to discuss ways forward in our efforts to save Undershaw. Many realistic ideas were discussed which we hope will be followed up in the immediate future ahead of the Judicial Review (which incidentally we still await a date).

Replies to Comments

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In reply to: MsO

"Thank you for your comment. We agree, you would have thought somebody somewhere with a passion for Doyle and Holmes would be interested in the building. After all, there has been a great deal of media attention which includes London TV, articles in the Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independant and a front page slot in the LA Times. There is no doubt that this has generated substantial recognition, but obviously not enough. We intend to amp up the noise in the coming months".