Sunday, 8 November 2009

TV Documentary

Since starting the campaign I have had many words of support and encouragement but also my fair share of disapproval - 'get rid', 'pull it down', 'where's the money coming from' and 'you're wasting your time'. Despite all of this I am still battling and believe me it is an uphill struggle. I have a passion for history and immense gratitude for all those people that have made history, Conan Doyle certainly played a very important part in making his mark in the history books, worthy of lasting recognition.

I have had several suggestions made to me and one that really stood out was 'GO NATIONAL WITH A TV DOCUMENTARY'. I have followed up many suggestions but this one was the biggy - where does one start. I pondered with this for several weeks and put it to one side and not really gave it any thought.

It then occured to me this could be the key and where would this lead me. I contacted a friend who happened to know of a freelance TV producer by the name of Claire Whalley. After exchanging correspondence with Claire I soon learnt that she was actually quite interested in the idea and thought that a documentary on the history of Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, Undershaw and the supporter's efforts to save it would be quite fascinating. Latest news from Claire is that she has approached two different commissioning editors and will try BBC 4 in the coming week. We await the outcome.

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  1. The more press that is given to Undershaw, the more names that the public recognise that are interested goes a long way to grab attention.

    Keep it up and lets all work together to acheive our goal

    ChrissieD x