Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How It All Began - Why I Became So Involved

It all began one day back in March of this year whilst driving out armed with my camera and wondered where I should go to take a few snap shots. It was whilst I was driving past Undershaw that something seemed to tell me, in a curious sort of way, to photograph the old house.

I noticed then for the first time since its closure in 2004 the board advertising its 'sale' or 'let' with Lambert, Hampton and Butler, a Guildford based estate agent. My lack of observation of this board over the last 5 years is quite shameful and now with it starring me in the face helped me make a decision, one that has lasted almost a year - if only I knew then of the controversy that this building had produced over the years and the efforts that have gone into saving its historical value is painfully obvious after viewing various internet sites.

I wasn't expecting to see what was waiting behind the mass of trees as I walked down the curvy driveway. There, below scaffolding and a protective roof stood Undershaw the historical home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a much respected gentleman of the neighbourhood, a man of history! It was so apparently obvious that before the protective cover was erected, the house had been left to weather the elements which caused it to become the dilapitated crumbling building that it is today. I had strong feelings that I wanted desperately to save it and return the charm, character and elegance to the house that was so very apparent all those years ago.

Save it! How am I honestly going to achieve such a remarkable, insane feat? Was I this crazy mad woman that wanted to beat the property developers and show the world that if you wanted something so badly, and if you work hard at what you believe, you can achieve almost anything. The story will continue ...................................

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