Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Waverley Borough Council - Planning Application

As most of you that visit this site are aware a planning application to convert Undershaw has now been submitted to the Council. If you feel as strongly as I do to the development of apartments then I urge you to object with a viable reason as to why you are objecting. You can mention that public access to the HOUSE and garden must be retained (after all that mere pavilion that they intend to erect is no compensation for visitation to the house itself), and that the property must not be split up into separate units and that the integrity of the house must not be lost.

The direct link to the ojecting or supporting page is: http://waverweb.waverley.gov.uk/live/wbc/pwl.nsf/%28RefNoLU%29/WA20100173? Lets ensure that Undershaw is saved by the people who care, us! Lets prevent this planning application from going through as was done back in 2006/2007.


  1. I cannot believe has been allowed to get into such a dreadful state. I and I'm sure thousands of others would gladly donate to preserve a part of our literary heritage. I can see nothing but good coming from turning it into a museum/visitor centre.

  2. Thank you Anonymous I value your comment and support. It would be a grand venture to get the nation behind us.