Friday, 12 February 2010

Help from Near and Afar

The campaign to save Undershaw is gaining momentum with 3 offers of help arriving in my in box at in the last couple of days. The first was from Paul a local gentleman who tells me of his soft spot for Undershaw as his wedding reception was held there and that he dined there many times when it was a hotel.

His line of business is connected with EPK (Electronic Press Kit). He has suggested as an alternative to the BBC; considering making an EPK. He thinks that to get local and national broadcasters interested in featuring the story of Undershaw's plight would be to consider shooting a professional video interview and selected video footage (and equivalent radio interview) and then packaging it generically for broadcasters to use as they see fit - either to re-edit and provide narration or to transmit unchanged. Looks like we need someone to carry out the interviews!

He also feels and it is most apparent to him that the former splendour of Undershaw is not evident to the casual visitor of this site, nor to anyone seaching the web. The period details, the staircase and stained glass, the family crests and snooker room - all of these differentiate Undershaw from "just another neglected mansion". I do actually agree with him, I do need to include the building in all its splendour back in the good 'ol days. Where does one start to locate photographs of this kind? Can anyone help?

The second offer of help has come from Andre who explains that he is a huge Conan Doyle fan. Andre is from Savannah, GA and is a paranormal investigator in his spare time. He has been in talks with tv production companies about possible paranormal pitches for shows. He has recently worked with Pilgrim Film and TV and on speaking terms with NorthSouth Productions and Pangolion Pictures.

Andre has already gone ahead and mentioned to the VP of Production of Pangolion about the campaign to save Undershaw and the possibility of a TV documentary on the house and the paranormal. He has suggested that he could also put the idea to NorthSouth production director. At this stage he cannot guarantee anything, but this way it is highlighting an awareness.

Finally Angela, from the United States and founder of S.O.S. Tidewater Paranormal Research has kindly included the campaign on her website

I would like to thank all three of these lovely people for their interest in the campaign and hope that all three will be a big part of what could be the making of history.

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