Thursday, 11 February 2010

On-Line Petition to Save Undershaw

Please don't forget to pledge your support by signing the on-line petition A section will come up asking for a donation to the ipetitions website, you can bypass this and your name will still register. Please may I ask you to include a comment when signing the petition as this will have the extra clout when submitting to the council especially if you feel as strongly as I do. We need to be heard!

Thank you to everyone that has been visiting this blog and for those that have signed the petition, your help with the campaign is paramount. I do hope you will continue to follow our progress and the continuing saga of Undershaw.

For those of you not too sure how to use this blog, you will see down the left hand side the 'blog archive' of various articles that I have written. If you click on the dates or the year (2009) it should take you back to the beginning of November when I started the blog. Happy reading.


  1. I've signed - only took a second, do it folks! I didn't know about his spirituality at the end of his life...I'm looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you Miss Swirley for signing petition and for your interest in the campaign. Your support is gratefully appreciated. I will include more on the spiritual side of his life in a future post.

  3. A worthy cause and you can count on my support. I fail to understand why some would prefer to demolish history in the name of progress, rather than preserve it in the name a culture or heritage. This building is a window to England's past, it should therefore be maintained and care for.

  4. Thank you Marty for your supportive words. Whatever you can do to help, sign the petition, write a letter of objection to the Council, details of which are outlined in the home page of this blog, all will undoubtedly help with our efforts to save this property. Many thanks.