Sunday, 7 February 2010

Help from a Photographer

Help is on its way from all sources, some small and some quite substantial but all these will make up the final outcome for Undershaw. Recent help has been from NickG who has offered help with the photography. Here are a few of his works of art which he has sent me to use for the blog. He will continue to use his expertise in capturing what Undershaw is truly about.Nick has recently written to me with the following:

I am a member of a website that takes an interest in preserving abandoned buildings which are part of our heritage by photographing them, it's called 28dayslater. I have started a thread on this site to help your cause towards saving Undershaw House and have included links to the petition to sign and also to your blog within this thread. You can see the thread here:

The website 28dayslater has over 13000 members and I think it will help increase awareness for you.

All being well I am meeting up with Nick and a friend of his who is a part time journalist to chat over ideas. My thanks to Nick for his involvement in this way and to whatever help he is able to offer.

Receiving help of this kind is a tremendous boost to the campaign and if you feel there is something you are able to offer in this way, please make contact. Help from all areas will be gratefully accepted.

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