Thursday, 18 February 2010

Breaking News - BBC to visit Undershaw!

Would you believe it! With the planning application now in from the developers for the conversion of Undershaw, the BBC have very kindly offered to go ahead with their article for BBC London News.

I will be in talks with them during the next few days and hopefully have something arranged for either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I will update you all as soon as I have a fixed date.

It has been especially hard this week concentrating on the campaign when my little canine friend has been quite poorly. I have been trying to concentrate on the many things that I have to do to keep the momentum going and this has proved to be quite a strain and all so draining. So to have this news of the BBC has been an added boost.

Invites have been sent out to Jeremy Hunt, MP, Richard Doyle (great nephew of Conan Doyle), John Aidiniantz from 221b Baker Street, Sally Morgan (Princess Diana's Psychic), The Victorian Society, SAVE Britain's Heritage and the local paper, The Haslemere Herald.


  1. I appreciate your comment and I thank you. Unfortunately I cannot read this. I presume it has been sent from Japan!