Thursday, 7 January 2010

Undershaw in the Snow

Hindhead was the centre piece of the ITV London News last night with the A3 causing massive traffic delays because of all the snow that has fallen here. About 1,000 people were trapped in snow and some delayed for up to 15 hours on Tuesday evening. If only I had known at the time I would have taken them a warm drink followed by several fliers advertising our campaign to save Undershaw. Only joking!!!

I did in fact take a walk down to the A3 yesterday armed with camera to snap a few scenes of Undershaw enveloped in snow for any enthusiasts that would like to see what a lovely Christmas scene Conan Doyle's house would make. After scrambling down the hill and falling several times into the cold snow I did in fact capture Undershaw snow covered. By the time I had finished I too was covered in the cold wet stuff and was made to suffer for a further 20 minutes whilst I walked home freezing to a welcomed open fire where I very quickly dried off and became the correct temperature again.

Just behind this row of trees lies Undershaw - the main A3 here will be closed and the new tunnel road will open in 2012. Undershaw will lie peaceful once more and hopefully the apartments that we are fighting to prevent will be mere history!!

Pending weather conditions, Hindhead will be the centre of attention next week, when BBC London News will be reporting on Undershaw.

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