Friday, 22 January 2010

BBC Visit

I have this morning sent an e-mail to the BBC chasing up their proposed visit to Undershaw. Richard Doyle who is Conan Doyle's great nephew has offered to attend the visit and carry out an interview with the BBC and has recently been in contact asking whether a new date had been set.

Should the BBC decide to shelve their visit, I have a back up plan and have made a few enquiries for which I await an answer probably after the weekend. This will be greatly disappointing if the BBC now decide not to go ahead with their visit and will be a knock back for the Trust as this would have given us the publicity we urgently need to keep the momentum going all the while the new movie is still in the cinema. Plans have yet to be submitted by the developers and we eagerly await their content. Objection from the Trust will be put forward to Waverley Borough Council in the hope that they will look sympathetically at our proposals. This may prove difficult as we believe the Council will undoubtedly back the developers plans. Can you believe this!

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