Monday, 25 January 2010

Bits and Pieces

These curvy steps take you either down to Undershaw or up to the busy A3. I have been down these and the driveway many times recently looking for inspiration to save a property that once belonged to a litracy icon.

This section of my blog is just bits and pieces of Undershaw that I thought might be interesting to include. Photo's that perhaps may not mean anything, but to some could mean a great deal.
The picture shown on the left is the hut in the grounds of Undershaw, now buried amongst the overgrown hedges. Below are photo's of the inside of the hut where the hotel guests would have had their meals. In some of the earlier photographs of Undershaw a hut can be seen in the grounds. I wonder whether this is the same hut?
The two pictures shown below is what we believe was Conan Doyle's study. The window looks out on the terrace and what was the tennis court.

The ground floor window to the far right of the building is what we've assumed to have been Conan Doyle's study. Can anyone enlighten us?

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