Sunday, 10 January 2010

Now and Then

I would like to put together a piece here which shows photo's of areas of Undershaw as it was and as it looks today. Putting this section together all depends whether I have the photo's in my collection to enable me to make it an interesting read. I will endeavour to try and capture the glamour of the Victorian era. The first of the photo's show the entrance hall of Undershaw with the fireplace in all its splender and as it is now sorrowfully neglected.The heraldic windows that you see on the left of each picture have now been partially vandalised and this is the sad sorry state that Undershaw has been allowed to get into since the current owners took it over. With such an history to the building this should have never been allowed. Who do we blame for the tragic state of one of our national treasures? Do we blame the Council, the current owners or Tessa Jowel or even us the campaigners for not doing more sooner rather than later?
The pictures shown either side here shows the one of two entrances to Undershaw, the picture on the right is how it looks now, boarded up and sorrowfully neglected and on the left when it was a thriving family home, a photograph of Conan Doyle on his motorised bicycle.

I am trying to find more photo's to compare the building. If anyone has any they would like to share on this post please contact me at Thank you.

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