Saturday, 16 January 2010

Restoration and the BBC

Just checking through the blog and despite being snowed in here at Hindhead, I shamefully did not write anything for almost a week. Athough I have remained silent for several days it doesn't mean that I am not working behind the scenes to research other areas in which we could save Undershaw. There might be something in the pipeline but one does not give up with finding other ways to prevent the developers from creating a glorified housing estate with modern apartments which would take away the historical feeling that currently exists within the grounds, house and site.

It was pointed out to me recently that the BBC will be resurrecting a version of the celebrated heritage programme but sadly without Griff Rhys Jones, the former presenter.

A BBC spokesman said: "the new programme, which has already begun filming, would be different from Restoration with a different presenter. It is about individuals renovating listed buildings. These are not public restoration projects and there will be no public vote"

But he confirmed that the working title remains Restoration and that it is being made by Endermol, the production company behind the first three series, and with the same series editor.

I made contact with Endermol giving them a brief history of Undershaw. They thought it would be a very exciting project but not for this new series, as the project will be based on privately owned listed houses. They very kindly took my details should they need to contact me for any future programmes. Although this was a promising response, time is running out to save Undershaw and any new programmes may not be planned in time to save the building.

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