Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'The View - Mind over Matter, Heart over Mind'

To coincide with the Arthur Conan Doyle conference that was held at the White Eagle Lodge on the 22nd May and the 150th anniversary of Conan Doyle's birthday a book entitled 'The View -Mind over Matter, Heart over Mind' was launched and received a 4-star rating from the Kindred Spirit Magazine. To find out more about the book and its connection with Conan Doyle go to: http://www.kindredspirit.co.uk/articles/article-detail/783.
I can highly recommend this book - it has been my inspiration through the ups and downs that have come with the campaign. Should anyone feel tempted to buy the book; and reading through you will see how inspirational it can be.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Patrick at the conference with many of the authors of this book (pictured on the right) and after spending time in their company I began to realise that anything was possible and the inspiration that I received on that day has stayed with me right through the year giving me the strength and the will to fight on. These were all very positive human beings, there was nothing negative about these people whatsover. So when I was told to believe in what I felt in my heart - I really believed I could save Undershaw. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave and his co-authors for making me believe in myself and giving me the belief of the positive thinking theory, in that if you believe in something enough, anything is possible.

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