Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Breaking News - BBC London News

To my delight and arising from the article featured by Gordon Rayner in the Telegraph yesterday, BBC London News would like to feature an article on Undershaw on their news programme. They are hoping to start filming either sometime this week or the early part of next week providing we have permission from the owners to film internally and externally at the site of Undershaw. The BBC will get back to me over the next couple of days and I will publish the dates and times here for any supporters that might be interested in coming along.

John Gibson, the Trust's director will also be present to give a guided showround to the film crew and to limited numbers of supporters, so if you would like to be included in this experience please let me know soonest.

Let me reiterate that this is pending permission from Undershaw's current owners.

I will also make contact with Richard Doyle, Conan Doyle's great nephew to see whether he will be guest of honour and to take part in an interview with the BBC.

I will keep you all posted on this successful end to 2009 and a hopeful success story for 2010.


  1. I first discovered Undershaw a couple of years ago when reading the novel ' Arthur and George' by Julian Barnes. I was fascinated by the story and intrigued to discover that Conan Doyle's home was in Hindhead. We regularly drive through as we have very close friends living just outside Portsmouth. I then researched a bit of the more recent history of Undershaw and have watching with interest further developments. I am completely atonished that such a culturally significant building has been left in the state it is. Conan Doyle is such a significant figure in British culture and his stories amuse and mystify world wide. So many other authors' homes have been preserved, I am apaaled that Undershaw has not been given the same treatment. I am delighted that the BBC will highlighting this story and will continue to follow this story.

  2. Thank you anonymous for your comments. Comments like these help our campaign tremendously with our efforts. To know that we have support out there with our aims makes our work to save this building even more worthwhile. Thank you and feel free to comment whenever, and please pass the word around of our fight to save such an impportant building.

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