Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sherlock Holmes Needs YOUR Help!

Should anyone wish to contact me personnally with their pledge of help - whether it would be promoting the campaign at their place of work by displaying our flyiers and cards, directing people to the on-line petition or whether it is just a question concerning Undershaw then you can contact me at You may even know someone who would like to help with fund raising for the Undershaw Preservation Trust. I look forward to hearing from you. YOUR INPUT IN WHATEVER WAY WILL HELP US WITH OUR EFFORTS.

You can also give the campaign a boost by writing comments in the section on each of the posts contained in this blog should you wish. A letter of protest to the proposed modern apartments that are threatening to ruin this site should be sent to Waverley Borough Council. This would undoubtedly help when it comes to the Councillor's making their decisions. We would like to see Undershaw restored to its former glory and ensure that public access is retained. This is most important.

Please help in whatever way you can we need public support and we need it NOW! Time is running out.

Just to remind you that our website will be up and running in the near future. A very kind lady from Manchester has donated enough funds to professionally get this done. So my sincere thanks goes out to her and her grandson for making this possible. It was also this lady that kindly made contact with William Roache MBE on my behalf. He is willing to help in whatever way he can despite his busy schedule filming Coronation Street. William is happy to take part in the TV documentary should we be successful with any of the commissioning editors of the BBC. He has also given us a contact at Granada TV. This very kind lady is also the author of a new book being published sometime in January entitled 'Life's Mysteries - Your Key to Understanding' in which she is pictured here on the set of Coronation Street with William Roache MBE.

It is help like this that makes things happen and if everyone that was passionate about saving the building acted in the same way we would SAVE UNDERSAW without a shadow of a doubt. So please please help me with this incredible venture. I cannot do this on my own.

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