Thursday, 10 December 2009

For Sale - Undershaw Hotel

Today was a dry, fresh sunny day and I thought I would take a wander down to the house that I have grown to be at home with in the hope that it may give me fresh clues as to what my next step will be in the continous endeavours to save Sir Arthur's property. I do this on ocassions when I need to shut the world out and find the solitude that comes from behind the tall trees as you leave the busy A3 and step into another world following the curvy driveway to Undershaw and the peaceful grounds that surround the house. Of course once the old A3 gives way to the new road housing the tunnel this place of solitude will be even more peaceful. I just cannot believe that in the next few months this could be the site of modern day apartments and not the visitor centre and museum that we had hoped for.

It looks as though the trees have been cleared from the massive board that still advertises its sale or let. This makes me wonder whether the developers are indeed fed up with the controversy that this building has brought to them since 2005 and indeed are they still looking to perhaps get rid by means of the best offer that could still come their way. Unfortunately the Undershaw Preservation Trust does not have that amount of money to put in that 'best offer' unless of course we receive generous support from a sponsor or benefactor or indeed receive substantial pledges to increase the Trust's funds. To pledge a sum of money please state your chosen amount and e-mail this with your contact details to: and we will be in touch.

I took a stroll along the Haslemere Road to search out Undershaw's neighbour, now a building site, presumably more modern houses will be built to fill the gap. This must not happen to Undershaw - whilst we have time we must act now. We are always too quick to say 'we should have' or 'if only' and by then it is always too late.

To coincide with the release of the new Sherlock Holmes film we would have hoped to be in a position to advertise our efforts on local TV. I have written to ITV Meridian Tonight who carried out an interview from Conan Doyle's bedroom at Undershaw with Richard Doyle (great newphew of Sir Arthur) at the end of May with the hope that they will now show this piece of footage to help with the campaign. If anyone reading this is in a position to persuade ITV Meridian to show this I would be extremely grateful. This piece of footage should be kept for history purposes and not destroyed.

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