Wednesday, 10 March 2010

An Article in the Daily Mail

I have just spoken with the Daily Mail. They are meeting the Trust's director John Gibson and the Victorian Society at Undershaw which will hopefully lead to a piece about our efforts in the Daily Mail this Saturday. The link to the article is: Robert Hardman inset above preparing his story for the Daily Mail.

May I thank all those that have responded to my leaflets that I have posted through doors within the Hindhead area. This I did in the very early hours of Sunday morning whilst most of you were in bed and others on my way home from work in the evening. I hope that this flier is not classed as nuisance mail and I apologise to those that have classed it in this way. In some cases, I have never walked so many long driveways and been accosted by so many letter boxes. They can give a nasty bite if your hands are not carefully removed. I am glad I am not a postie! Thanks to everyone for their contribution, however we still need several more objections to raise the amount to a 3 figure number. If you scroll down a little further you will find a link directly to the Waverley page, click on this link then press the middle blue button maked 'on-line comment' and OBJECT. Can I call on those residents of Hindhead and the surrounding areas to lend your support in our efforts.

The picture above is what Undershaw could look like as either a Visitor's Centre or a single family home, lets hold this picture in our minds and make this happen. Incidentally this picture was found in a recent copy of 'My Weekly'. I am now trying to trace the gentleman who sent this in and won £50.00 for his article, a Anthony Phillips from London. He may have more photos of Undershaw when it was a hotel that I could use for this blog. If anyone knows this gentleman could you please ask him to make contact.

An important meeting at Haslemere Town Council level will take place as the first step in deciding Undershaw's fate on the 11th March. I will be attending this meeting with our director and will update you here of its outcome.

The petition that many people have signed worldwide has over 1,000 signatures and has now been forwarded to Waverley Borough Council with my letter of objection and Stephen Fry's statement objecting to the conversion.

Should anyone wish to become involved with saving Undershaw, then please contact me at I have had several very kind people offering their services free of charge which again has been such a boost at a very crucial time. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking them through this blog and hopefully there will come a time when I can thank them personally.

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  1. All comments are read with interest whether they are supporting what we the Trust are trying to do or whether they are objecting to our aims. Unfortunately we were unable to decipher this one! Thank you for making the effort to post your comment.