Saturday, 20 March 2010

Deadline Over - but Undershaw not OUT!

With the deadline over for all comments to Waverley Borough Council, I encourage those that missed this deadline of Friday 19th March to write to WBC at the following address: The Corporate Services and Planning Department, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HR quoting WA/2010/0172/0173, especially if you feel strongly about the current planning application. I have also noted that it appears you can object on-line until 29 March. So keep trying. Don't miss this opportunity and allow a deadline to interfere with our landmark.

With a building such as Undershaw, and a man as great as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there can be no deadline! This in its self is an insult to the once owner of this building just like the proposed pavilion with its mere little board that is earmarked in recognition of his existence.

I would have thought the ladies and gents that form the board of councillors that will make this decision as to whether to grant or reject these plans would be educated enough to realise what an historical and welcomed landmark Undershaw could be. The true fact is that Undershaw was allowed to fall into such disrepair, with no proper security, open to the elements (weather and vandals) for many years. This then became a burden to the Council. A burden that they now want to get rid of in the easiest possible way.

With the selling price of Undershaw still being marketed at over a million pounds in its current state. Who would want to buy a property at that price and almost derelict? Who is to blame for its shameful condition? If the price had been right, it would have sold. Don't allow the excuse that nobody was interested in it, the price did not reflect its current condition and still doesn't. Lets hope that these educated ladies and gents make an educated decision on this, a decision that will ultimately gain their respect and votes for any future elections.

Here is the list of those councillor's that will make that ultimatum between our national heritage and modern day apartments: Councillor Peter Isherwood (Chairman), Councillor John Ward (Vice-Chairman), Councillor Mrs Jean Arrick, Councillor Jim Edwards, Councillor Simon Inchbald, Councillor David Inman, Councillor Mrs Carole King, Councillor Robert Knowles, Councillor Dr Nicky Lee, Councillor Stephen Mulliner, Councillor Steve Renshaw.

I wish to thank all those that have responded to the fliers that I posted through doors around the Hindhead area, your response has been gratefully received. The Undershaw Preservation Trust would like to thank you all personally through this blog.

I am in constant contact with the family and their architects who wish to purchase Undershaw as a single family home. I will be meeting them after Easter and as you can well appreciate this family wish to remain anonymous for the time being. The family are very well versed with restoring Victorian buildings for which they have restored 3 in their life time, the last one being a property in size of roughly 30,000 square feet which of course is almost 3 times the size of Undershaw.

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