Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Latest on the BBC Visit to Undershaw on 5th March

Wow! wow! what a tremendous day, a day that could ultimately go down in history should this building not become the concrete jungle that has been described in a letter of objection.

The picture above shows the BBC reporter and cameraman discussing the plans with the developers architect and below is me with the three members of the Doyle family posing in front of Undershaw. You won't find that many of me on the blog, but this was a proud moment.

I am not going to spend this weekend writing up about the marvellous events that took place yesterday. I am going to spend a little time with my feet up and do what we call relaxing. I will write up the blog when I have spent sometime concentrating on my personal life which has been non-existent for several months. I will tell you all about the amazing day with amazing photo's when my battery has been recharged.

However, I must report that the BBC London News article is likely to go out on Monday or Tuesday of next week which included BBC Radio Surrey. The ITV Meridian Tonight feature may go out as early as this weekend. So keep watching and yes I was a very nervous campaigner but very proud and thankful to have had so much support from the Doyle family and strangers that have appeared in my life since starting this project, for which I am so honoured. It would be my wildest, yet crazy dream to have the house returned to the original family! Wouldn't that be an amazing feat.

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