Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Judicial Review

UPT ambassadors for Sweden & Paris
at the High Court - London
It was no coincidence that the Judicial Review in respect of Undershaw fell on 23rd May, one day after the 153rd anniversary of Doyle's birth and could we predict that there would be more.

Support on that Wednesday was incredible as over 30 followers, some travelling as far as Canada, US, France and Sweden were there to witness for themselves the days events.

Released on this day to mark the Judicial Review was 'Sherlock's Home - The Empty House' made up with stories and poems from supporters from around the world. The brains behind this book was that of Sherlockology, a fabulous group who made sure the campaign to save Undershaw was sent viral. With the spendid help from Steve from MX Publishing, Jacquelynn Morris our ambassador for Maryland, USA and many celebrities that added their name to the cause - this could have never been achieved without the help of so many.

The conclusion of the hearing was a delayed decision but within a week we received news that we had been successful in our bid to quash the planning application. Whilst not over celebrating, within a week we received word that Waverley Borough Council were not appealing the judgement handed down to them, but the owners Fossway were.

There we have it, the Judicial Review one day after Doyle's birthday and a possible appeal in the Court of Appeal in which Doyle had a hand in founding in 1907 with the George Edalji case. Paperwork is now being prepared by our QC as we await further details of this. Quite fitting in true Doyle twists and turns style.

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