Thursday, 30 June 2011

A National Disgrace

A recent walk found me at Undershaw, a grade II listed building which has lain derelict and in a shameful state for several years. Why have the owners and our local authorities been allowed to let this building of immense historical interest fall into such an embarassing state of repair?

Echoing our Patron's sentiments and we agree entirely; it's a national disgrace.

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  1. Good question. Also a wonder that this is the first (and so far only, lonely) comment. And, from a yank!

    It would be one thing if there were monuments and places galore connected with Doyle, but as I understand it, there are not... therefore letting this happen is truly a "crime." One would think that someone, somewhere on this globe who has the resources and the love of the Holmes mystique would jump at the chance to bring Undershaw back to life. Perhaps there hasn't been as good a broadcast of this need as there has been about Sherlock worlwide. Are any media production people who have put on film (or digitalised) our favorite detective listening? I say, amp up the noise!