Sunday, 3 October 2010

Stephen Fry and Twitter

He has done it again! Not only the statement he supplied us back in March, which incidentally can be seen on our website but Mr Fry has backed us with a tweet on Twitter: which has caused a massive response to the website and our Facebook page. The tweet actually caused the flow of traffic to the site to increase in a couple of days by 1,500% which apparently was a mega occurence and totally unheard of. When I received this piece of news from my web designer I automatically went into overdrive and thought 'Guinness Book of Records' and what publicity for Undershaw this would be. Sadly my thoughts were dashed when I received an e-mail saying although this was mega, it was not enough to make the record books. Whilst on the subject of the lovely Mr Fry, he has been cast as Mycroft in Guy Ritchie's sequel.

Since Monday of last week the Facebook page has increased from 77 to 552 which was all down to the help from Mr Fry. We held an Awareness Day on Facebook on 1st October calling on all our friends to post the link. In response to this we had a further 52 visits to the Facebook page.

The comments on the website were also incredible, since Monday we received over 100 comments from all over the world. Your comments on this site are very valuable to us so please continue to let us know what this building actually means to you and your thoughts on Waverley's decision to allow the development.

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