Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Sad Truth

These pictures were taken today whilst being interviewed by a correspondent from the Los Angeles Times. Both John and I felt ashamed that our British heritage has been treated in this way and for the American journalist to see how our grade II properties are treated by our authorities. It has been said before that if it were any other country this house would be protected and preserved.

I was amazed to see that a window that I noticed open 18 months ago was still open to the elements, graffiti on the wall, the boarding on the heraldic window pulled away and the glass smashed, rain pouring from the guttering and piles of rubble.
The pile of rubble indicates that the owners have already commenced work on the building, even though Waverley approved the proposal with conditions. Surely these conditions should be met before work is carried out? On Waverley Borough Council website their planning application is still 'pending decision'. Can the owner do this?
Waverley Borough Council assured us that the owners had complied with the 'Urgent Repairs Notice' and that security had been installed on the site. Shameful!

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