Thursday, 3 June 2010

Planning Officers Approve Planning Application to Convert Undershaw

It is with regret that I have to announce the very bad news that Waverley Borough Council have given a conditional approval to the current planning application to split Undershaw into 3 seperate dwellings and build a further five dwellings alongside despite the rejection from Haslemere Town Council and the Victorian Society.

This is not only heart wrenching news but a terrible blow to the Undershaw Preservation Trust. I am unable to write further on this and it just leaves me to say that we shall attend the Committee meeting on 9th June to put forward our views to this scandulous proposal in the hope that the councillors are more sympathetic to our way of thinking.

Please continue to support our efforts!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    This page at the Waverley site gives an inaccurate history of the house but also talk about the owners inadequate reaction to orders.

    I left the following comment which has been emailed to the council:

    "Leaving aside the historical inaccuracies on this page I think you have highlighted the very reason why this application should be refused. The owners, by your own admission, have not acted adequately in protecting the building. Therefore they should not be rewarded for this lack of action by being allowed to convert the property and presumably make a nice profit into the bargain. If they were allowed to proceed it would send the clear signal that this attitude can be taken with other properties without fear of action from the authorities."

  2. Feel free to print and quote my comment at the meeting if you feel it would help.

  3. Alistair your input has been gratefully received thank you and will be passed onto John Gibson for his inclusion in his 3 minute talk at the Committee Meeting on 9th June. Good point!