Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Breaking News - The 'One Show'

I have been writing every month for the last eight months to the 'One Show' trying to get our cause featured and at long last a call from the show's producer finally came today. I now await the outcome of our telephone conversation to see whether our efforts will eventually be rewarded with a showing on this most popular show.

Good news or not such good news! The producer of the One Show has now got back to me - the date that Undershaw will be featured is the 7th June - 2 days before the planning meeting. Interviews and filming for this will take place in the lead up to this date but unfortunately not on the site of Undershaw.

Due to much publicity and an overwhelming influx of visitors in the past the owners have declined to allow anymore filming on their land. I can't blame them really, the building is an embarrassment and it only shows how Fossway Limited, a financial company, have allowed it to become in such a derelict condition. It is criminal and shameful that our heritage has been treated in this way. Why on earth has this building been allowed to fall into such disrepair it deserves more protection and its history should be safeguarded from property developers looking to line their pockets. It is reasonable to say that history like this cannot be erased after 113 years of existence.


  1. 15th May 2010

    The team visited Lynn today to support the appeal for Undershaw.
    This lovely, dedicated lady is beyond belief for the cause.
    Lynn works to the full in helping to save Undershaw and we support her. The opposition are blind to see that they are wrong in their thoughts and ideas, we will show them that our heritage is worth fighting for, so give your support.
    You can always write to The Planning Dept, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey. Voice your opinion.
    After walking around the property we were shocked by how they could even think of destroying this valuable and memorable property.
    The walls are soaked in history and our team at Trust Active can sense the invitation to go inside. It has a wonderful vibe of Love that engulfs the whole of the dwelling. I won’t go into too much detail but I will say that the occupants who visit there now are very happy.
    This dwelling is in very good condition and to save it now would be a remarkable advantage for everyone and to be given the chance to restore it back to it’s glory for all to visit. “Wow, it takes my breath away”.

    “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”, I promise we will do all we can to save your precious dwelling, of which sadly your wife last saw.

  2. Thank you Alan for such a lovely comment. I am doing no more than any other person would do under the circumstances. I am rather passionate about this building and feel that I have a mission to complete. I will not back down until I know the building is safe from being divided into 3 separate dwellings.